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About Four Corners Cleaning

The Beginning

Four Corners Cleaning expanded into full-service floor care in 1999,  cleaning six Acme grocery stores. Within a year, Four Corners Cleaning went from a single owner/operator to 25 employees – cleaning the entire grocery chain. Now in 2019, we employ 72!

We built the business on a simple concept: Customer satisfaction, transparency in billing, and well-trained employees.


As owners and operators, we are involved every day, ensuring our customers that they will receive prompt communication and courteous service from our management team and all of our employees.


Four Corners Cleaning is available 24/7/365 for commercial cleaning. We can work first, second or third shifts. We can clean on a regular schedule or upon special request.


Our full-time supervisors personally oversee the quality of the team that cleans your business. They are on the job to make sure customers are 100% satisfied with our cleaning services – especially the special requests needed for your specific facility.


Four Corners Cleaning typically charges by the contracted job – which will be clearly explained as we get to know you and your needs. If needed, we will spend extra time to make sure that job is done right.

If you are working with another cleaning company, show us the invoice you pay each time and we will give you a free, no-pressure evaluation of the services you receive for the cost. We can then compare what value you receive – are you paying too much? Are you receiving unnecessary services? Do surprise costs pop up unexpectedly? Other points to consider:

  • Is the cleaning consistent every time?
  • Do you see new, different people all the time (is turnover high)?
  • Do you feel like you’re paying for services you might not need or do not request?

Our goal is to help you understand what you are paying for. Four Corners is always up front and transparent in our billing and contracts. Our customers are kept informed from the start and every step along the way. We work with every customer to understand their needs and to build customized proposals to get the most effective cleaning for their budget.


Our employees are an extension of our business and we pride ourselves on hiring great employees. All of our cleaning staff are permanent, fully-trained employees. We do not use temporary employees. Four Corners performs background checks on 100% of our employees and each employee is insured.

Our Cleaning is Top of the Line

We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest in cleaning trends and technologies through conferences, trade shows and publications. In addition, our staff receives three days of onsite training specific to your site to make sure that your space is cleaned just like it needs to be.