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floor maintenance - Summit, Portage, Stark and Cuyahoga counties

$11.25 per hour  25-30 hours per week- Reliable Transportation and Background Check Required

Four Corners Cleaning is accepting applications for employment from responsible people who are diligent and meticulous. If you are interested in joining our staff you can contact us to receive an application kit; or you can download and fill out our Employment Application and Background Check Authorization. Once completed please email, mail or fax to:

Four Corners Cleaning


fax: 330-861-0200

address: PO Box 26141, Akron, OH 44319

Floor Maintenance Job Description
  • Dust mop entire store floor, making sure to get under all tables in produce and bakery areas. Candy carts, 3 times per week.
  • Pick up mats in registers and dust mop and wet mop registers, replace mats.
  • Scrape up all gum, stickers found on floor.
  • Fill scrubber and change pads daily (use both sides).
  • Change buffer pads daily, use both sides, remove buffer pad daily, store in dry area.
  • Never attempt to move a scrubber that has no power, contact supervisor immediately and have night stock us pallet jack to move scrubber to a safe location for charging.
  • Wet mop under tables, registers, shelves, candy rack 3 times per week, shippers daily, in between displays daily, edges of shelving, corners, etc. Clean up any puddles or streaks.
  • Buff all areas of waxed flooring to a shine daily, including cafe. Double buff once a week.
  • Clean out scrubber cleaning filters, holding tanks, deck, outside of machine(do not use hose) etc. (Follow maintenance training guidelines).
  • Clean buffer dust off daily, clean filter.
  • Put machines back to their designated spots and put scrubber on charge leaving top open so the tanks can dry out (if possible to leave open)
  • Hang up mops to dry, empty bucket water.
  • Check scrubber batteries water levels- fill if necessary with DISTILLED water only!!
  • Throw away old buckets, boxes and un-useable pads.
  • Check inventory notify office or supervisor if necessary.
  • Scrub backrooms on designated days where applicable. Scrub restroom hallways twice weekly.
  • Check squeegee assembly change squeeze if necessary (follow maintenance guidelines)
  • Check all filters, call for replacement if necessary (follow maintenance guidelines)
  • Call if any problems with machine operations / follow troubleshoot. If problem persists contact supervisor.
  • Mop Cafe' daily, including edges.
  • Waxing to be done twice a week, check with supervisor on area to be done.
  • See store manager before leaving, check floor with manager.
  • Job description may change at anytime.

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