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​A clean office provides many benefits. First and foremost, your commercial space looks more professional and inviting to your clients. Second, your office presents a less chaotic atmosphere to your employees, so they feel more focused as they perform tasks for you. Your space will also harbor fewer diseases thanks to regular cleaning.

However, you and your staff likely don't have time to take care of this cleaning yourselves. You have other duties to attend to so your business continues to flourish. Luckily, you can call on Four Corners Cleaning for office cleaning services. We gladly extend our expertise to companies across Akron and NE Ohio. Call us today to benefit from our 28 years of industry experience.

Give Your Office a Thorough, Professional Clean

Our office cleaning services don't just include basic tidying. We do more than make your office look clean-we also ensure it's actually clean. You don't want your employees and customers to get sick. Nor do you want them to feel sticky or filmy surfaces. To that end, our full range of cleaning services includes:

  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs
  • Cleaning and dusting furniture and other surfaces
  • Taking out the trash
  • Wiping off whiteboards, electronic screens, and other displays
  • Cleaning kitchens, restrooms, break rooms, and conference rooms-but keep in mind that we do not clean inside microwaves and refrigerators

By the time we finish, your commercial space in Akron, OH, or NE Ohio will look pristine, even like new. Dazzle your customers and help your employees feel at ease by scheduling a cleaning from Four Corners Cleaning as often as you need. If you don't know how many times a week or month you need our assistance, don't worry-a member of our staff will happily analyze your needs and recommend a schedule.

Book Your Office Cleanings Now

To schedule our office cleaning services, call our office in Akron, OH, at 330- 848-9068. We will give you a quote before we speak about scheduling because we want to be as transparent with you as possible. We want to build an individual relationship with you, and relationships start with trust.